Wedding photography is a lot of things, but it primarily is an investment. When you see your photos hanging on the walls of your home, I want you to be filled with every ounce of joy that you experienced on that wonderful, beautiful day that changed your life forever.
This is the one choice in all of wedding planning that endures. This is YOUR love story!


We're totally going to click if:
you truly believe that marriage > wedding
you love all of the gorgeous details, but don't get too caught up in them
you think your groom is a total hottie
you are totally cool with the fact that you'll only wear your wedding dress once
you'll be found probably barefoot on the dance floor, champagne in hand


I absolutely love to travel, so if you're planning a destination wedding or adventurous elopement, please contact me for special rates and check out where I'll be this year.

The average couple that hires me spends $4400 on wedding coverage. If you love my work, then please contact me, regardless of your budget.