The PhotoBus
Alyssa's Favorite Vendors

If you haven't had your photo taken in The PhotoBus, you haven't lived.

Cate and John are the proud owners of two vintage VW Busses that they have transformed into mobile photo booths. They travel all over the Kansas City area to events every weekend. 
I met Cate at a bridal show in 2013, right after the bus started. Since then we've both gotten married, they had a (super cute) baby, and both of our businesses have grown. John and Cate are two of the busiest people I know, but are so passionate about their busses. Every now and then I will help them out with setting up and running the booths. It is always a blast with these two.
The PhotoBus also offers a classic enclosed booth and an open air booth. Guests always get their prints to take home with them :)

Yes, I definitely had The PhotoBus' open air booth at my wedding. Everyone had a blast with it, and we have goofy photos of our friends and family! :)

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