Megan and Dan
Laid Back Summer Engagement Session at Country Club Plaza

Dan knew immediately that Megan was the woman for him, but Megan wasn't so sure. She finally agreed to let him take her to lunch (just as friends) to Oklahoma Joe's. As they were waiting in line the two guys in front of them asked if they were a couple, she said no, and they told her she was going to marry him and that they were the perfect couple. 
That was the day Megan fell in love with Dan.

On what was quite possibly the hottest evening of the year, Megan, Dan, and I set out for their engagement photos on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City and then we headed over to Oklahoma Joe's (now Joe's Kansas City). What troopers. I was a hot mess, and they both look stunning. I am so excited for their wedding next month. Congrats you two!