Rachael and Ben
Gorgeous Surprise Proposal at The Nelson-Atkins

Friends, I'm baffled. 
This photoshoot turned proposal blew me away. Ben and I met up the day before to scope out the exact location. He told Rachael that since they had just started a business together, they should probably get some photos for the new website. So they got all dressed up and met me at The Nelson. We snapped a few photos before her best friend (who flew in just for this!) came out and surprised her with two signs that said "WILL YOU" Ben got down on one knee right there and asked Rachael to be his wife. Not only did she jump back in surprise, but she wept the happiest tears I've ever seen. After a billion hugs and a zillion kisses we took a few photos on the lawn.
Honestly, proposals might be my fav. So much freaking joy. AHH <3

Congrats again to Rachael and Ben!!!

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