Lauren and Austin // Laughter-Filled Engagement in Downtown KC

As soon as I stepped in to Bar K Dog Bar, I felt all of the doggo eyes staring at me.
They knew.
They knew I was an imposter. I wasn’t the owner of a pup, but the mother of two cats. They could literally smell it on me.
Thankfully, sweet dogs don’t judge and I had a blast playing with all the cute boos. If you haven’t made your way to Bar K, GO. NOW. Even if you don’t have a dog! Either find someone who does and tag along (me) or just go and pet all of the pups. It’s a blast!

Lauren and Austin were so much fun to hang out with. Constant laughing and joking is totally my vibe and I really felt like we were friends hanging out, and I happen to have a camera. AH so much love <3 Their wedding next October is going to be AMAZING!!!

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