Bethany and Will
Amazing Sunset at Thousand Steps Beach

I'm still amazed that Bethany and Will drove from Phoenix to Laguna Beach to hang out with me. We met in the afternoon and walked around the beach town. After tacos and a drink, we headed down to Thousand Steps Beach. (Although we counted and there are actually 224-245 steps...we each got a different number...) 
I've been friends with Bethany since college. She is so sweet and beautiful and such a caring human. Bethany married Will last summer and they moved to Arizona for Will's job. It was such a treat to spend the day with them. I love the way they play together and love one another (it's so freaking obvious they're crazy about each other). <3 Love you two.

Guys, sunset was PERFECT. I forgot how gorgeous the sun sinking into the ocean was until this day. If you ever get the opportunity to go to this beach for sunset-DO IT. SRSLY.

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