I Went to a Bridal Show...Now What?

Now that you’re home from the bridal show, what do you do? First, pour yourself a glass of wine. Now let’s work.

Organize everything
You just got a billion business cards dumped on you! Hopefully you used my starring method to help you remember which vendors you liked best, and now you can make piles. Separate based on vendor type, how urgent you need to book, who you love, whatever makes sense for you.

Do some research
Now that you organized your info, creep on everyone! Fill your browser with tabs and look at websites, blogs, Facebook, Instagram, reviews on The Knot, everything! Look into what the vendors are all about and choose your favorites.

Email it up
Shoot the best of the best vendors some emails! Many vendors, especially venues, photographers, videographers, and caterers can only book one wedding a day. If you are dying to book, be the first to shoot them an email, so you’ll have priority on your date. Get the ball rolling!

Make some coffee dates
Now that you’ve contacted a vendor, set up a tour or consultation with them so that you can get to know what they’re about in a more one-on-one setting. Come with questions for them, and I promise it’s not weird at all to bring a notepad.  :)

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