Meghan and Austin
Late Summer Romance at Shawnee Mission Lake

A couple weeks ago, I asked my Instagram followers if anyone was interested in doing a water-shoot. Like a get in the lake and make out kind of shoot. I didn't think that anyone would willingly want to do that, so imagine my surprise when my inbox was flooded with volunteers!!!
Austin messaged me with a sweet note about how he wanted to recreate a silly moment with Meghan when they jumped into a pool in Cancun. Meghan is one of my best friends from college so I knew I wanted to do this for her. 
Austin and Meghan have been dating long-distance for the past year and a half. Austin is the sweetest goof and I love the way he looks at Meghan. These two are constantly laughing and traveling. I am so jealous of the trips they take to New York, Texas, Mexico, and Pachu Picchu.
Meghan and Austin - thank you so much for letting me take photos of you. I love how they turned out! You two are amazing <3333

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