Marisa and Kurtis
Gorgeous Summer Engagement Session at Shawnee Mission Park

I met Marisa and Kurtis in college through a campus ministry at Kansas State University. I met Kurtis first, and instantly learned that he was super cool. We have a similar sense of humor, so jokes always spiraled out of control quickly. I met Marisa later on and found that she is the smartest, most beautiful, most driven human on earth. We met up for coffee nearly every week and became super close. After I left Manhattan (they had a few more years left of school), I heard through the grapevine that they were dating! I never would have placed them together, but once I heard about it I loved it. They both are funny, outgoing, and thoughtful. They both love being outdoors and enjoy spending time on the lake boating and jetskiing. Seriously, they fit together perfectly (how did I not think of this when I met them?!). When Marisa and Kurtis got engaged earlier this year, I knew I HAD to be their photographer.
For their engagement session, we chose to head to Shawnee Mission Park. This place is seriously the best. We hiked up a path, walked through trees, sat on an island, and danced on the dock. They were the absolute best to work with, and their wedding this October is going to be OUT OF THIS WORLD.

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