Joanna and Mike
A Windy Spring Wedding at the Boulevard Brewery

All weddings are romantic. Isn't that the whole idea? But Joanna and Mike really knocked this one out of the park. All day was centered around their relationship and their love for one another. Joanna and Mike were so chill all throughout their wedding planning process (even when I shot their engagement session in a storm!) The only moment of stress was right before their first look. Joanna knew that once she saw Mike, everything would be okay. When Mike turned around, both the bride and groom's happy tears started flowing and all was well.
The rest of the day was filled with joy and wind and sunshine and beer. After the ceremony, full of lighthearted laughs (from Joanna's veil flying everywhere) and sweet life-long promises, the bridal party hopped on the party bus to get the celebration going! We all headed to Boulevard Brewery for dinner, drinks, and dancing. I love the custom beer glasses that Joanna and Mike gave as a favor for their guests. I fill mine with IPAs regularly. :) Each one of the bridesmaids and groomsmen gave a toast, and each speech was stocked with stories of Mike and Joanna's loyalty towards their friends and one another.

Joanna and Mike-
Thank you so much for allowing me to photograph your wedding. It was such a wonderful day, and it is clear that you two are crazy in love. I wish you both the best! Congrats again!!!