Guide to Engagement Photos

I love taking engagement photos. They are a great way for me to get to know you and for you to get to know me. It helps you get comfortable in front of my lens before your big day. 

kansas city wedding photographer engagement photo guide

This year I'm trying something new, I'm having my couples choose where the engagement photos are taken. These are the only rules:
1. Choose somewhere where you feel at home
2. Pick a place where you are comfortable to freely express your affection
3. Select a location where you feel at liberty to have fun
4. Decide on a spot where you feel beautiful

Below are the tips that I always give my clients to guide them through getting ready for their engagement shoot.

Be on time. I am a natural-light photographer, so the sun when we can get the best photos. Make sure you make proper considerations for traffic, hair delays, and fashion emergencies! An average shoot lasts about 1 hour, so if you show up 30 minutes late, the session is not extended, but rather, ends at the regularly scheduled time. I just want to be honest in advance and let you know I want the BEST photography experience for you. And being on time achieves exactly this.

kansas city wedding photographer engagement photo guide

Look at other engagement photos. Be sure to check out engagement sessions before the shoot. I’ve discovered that when you both view a slideshow together in advance, it helps both of you feel comfortable in front of the camera. Girls naturally 'work it' in front of a camera, but guys tend to take a little longer to warm up. I want you both to have a good time and feel comfortable in front of the camera, and seeing others do the same always boosts confidence!

Clean your ring. Your ring gets to be a star today! Don't forget to give it a good clean before you head out to your engagement shoot.

Bring something fun. I want every engagement shoot to look like it could grace the pages of a magazine, so feel free to bring along things that really reflect your fantastic personalities. Suggestions: bikes, polaroid cameras, pets, balloons…the list is endless! Don’t hesitate to bring anything that truly reflects you individually or as a couple.

kansas city wedding photographer engagement photo guide

Get fancy. I highly recommend going for your practice run regarding hair and makeup for the engagement shoot. This helps you feel a little more ‘done-up’ for the shoot and boosts your confidence. It also helps you see what your hair and makeup stylist can do, and what it will look like on camera.

What to wear. The big question. The only rule is to wear something that you look and feel beautiful and confident in. I always recommend two outfits for each of you – one dressed up, and one that’s more casual. Not only does that give you options, but it also gives you variety. I often get a text from a bride a few days before with a picture of an outfit asking if it's okay! I love it!

kansas city wedding photographer engagement photo guide

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