Alli and Darin
Springtime Proposal at The Nelson-Atkins Museum

Okay, every single heart eye.
Darin contacted me about a month before he planned on proposing to Alli. He sounded so excited to ask her to marry him! The weeks flew by, and the day finally came. After a brunch date, the two decided to take a walk on the grounds of The Nelson-Atkins Museum. It was a perfect, bright, sunny day. Alli was stunned when Darin got down on his knee and pulled the ring out of his pocket. She was even more shocked when her family and friends (all from out of town) walked up to congratulate them with a champagne toast. That wasn't it for the surprises though, Darin had a fun afternoon planned at Char Bar in Westport with even more friends awaiting their arrival. 

Darin and Alli- CONGRATS!!!! I am so excited for the two of you!!!
Happy wedding planning!

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