How to Style an Invitation Suite - Sponsored by Basic Invite

I'm a sucker for details. I absolutely love photographing the little pieces that combine to make a gorgeous wedding day. Invitations are a huge part of that. 
Wedding invitations tell your guests the formality and *~*ViBe*~* of your wedding. There are so so many options when it comes to invitations, sometimes it can be hard to figure out where to start. Recently, I stumbled upon Basic Invite, and WOW, they are anything but basic. They have over 400 different wedding invitation designs. As if that wasn't enough customization, you can choose from over 180 different color options to perfectly match your wedding's palette. 

Now my job is to make these invitations come to life in a flatlay photo. 
Let's start with the basics: flowers.

These layouts have just the invitation/save the date by itself with a couple of gorgeous flowers. To style this, all I would need is extra blooms from your florist.


This invitation goes a different direction. It was photographed on fabric. For this, I would grab a bridesmaid's dress or table linen for the background of the flatlay.

Now here's where things get fun! When you bring me your whole invitation suite I get to play around a little bit. For these fun layouts I just need blooms from your florist, and some extra ribbon.

3 tips for making the invitation suite photos look awesome:

I'm the kind of person who desperately needs straight lines. Some photographers mix it up with angles and funky placement, but that's not me. I take time to make sure that edges and lines are straight.

The spaces between the lines are just as important. Those "in-between" spaces should be the same width everywhere. Also, make sure the objects have room to breathe in the photo. Don't try to cram everything in if there just isn't enough room.

Always make sure that the focus of the flatlay is getting the attention! So weather that's pointing arrows or flowers toward it or plainly putting it in the middle, make sure the star is the star!

SO! If you're looking for the perfect invitation suite to show off your wedding vibe, check out Basic Invite!
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