It's All in the Details: Getting Ready

I'm starting a short series on Mondays called It's All in the Details! This is going to be just a few tips and tricks on how to coordinate details of your dream wedding day! As always If you have any questions, comments, or ideas PLEASE don't hesitate to shoot me an email at :) Happy Monday!

Getting ready photos don’t create themselves! Details of your getting ready space are important to both the vibe of the morning and add to my storytelling of your wedding day. To make everyone’s life easier, here are some things that you, your maid of honor, or your planner can do before I get there.

kansas city wedding photograher getting ready details

Choose a location to get ready in that is spacious. Rooms that are too small get stuffy and cramped, especially with your bridesmaids, hair stylist, make up artist and all of their equipment. You don’t want to be sweating when your hair and makeup is getting done. Make sure that there is enough room to get into your dress too!

kansas city wedding photography getting ready details

Lighting is essential. Your makeup artist will tell you the same! A basement doesn’t quite capture the beauty of you or your wedding like it should. I want everyone to look fabulous! If you are booking a hotel room, request a corner room so you get the extra windows.

kansas city wedding photographer getting ready details

Decide what you will be wearing in the morning. Many bridesmaids don’t think about it and will come in an old college tee. Think about treating them to matching robes or PJ’s. It makes for a special gift that doubles as a cute wedding day detail.

Gather all of your important items in one place. When I come into your room, I’ll introduce myself to your ladies and then get right to work. I’ll ask for your heirlooms, jewelry, perfume, invitations, shoes, rings, and other details so I can photograph them immediately. If all of these things are in one place, you won’t have to hunt them down. Then I’ll ask for your dress and photograph it in all its beauty.

kansas city wedding photographer getting ready details

Put someone in charge of food. I wasn’t hungry either on my wedding day, but I made sure that I ate. Even if you just get granola bars or sandwich tray from the grocery store, you need to put some food in your body. Plus, your bridesmaids will thank you!

Clean up the clutter! The worst thing is a photo of you getting in to your dress with a big duffel bag in the corner. What an eyesore! Throw away trash, put away extra clothes, and hide suitcases under beds or in other rooms. This will be so much easier to navigate the room, and will create clean pretty pictures.

Don’t forget the guys! I always say that guys have it so easy when it comes to getting ready. But, you’ll want to make sure that all of the important details for him aren’t overlooked. Give the guys somewhere nice to get ready so that your groom gets some awesome pictures with his buddies. There’s a good chance they’ll just be hanging out watching the game, but they need space too :)

kansas city wedding photographer getting ready details

Your wedding day is a time when you can pamper yourself with no limits! Take your time enjoying getting ready with your best friends and treat yourself.  And remember: You can do whatever you want, it’s your day.