5 Things That Take Your Wedding Photos to the Next Level

Weddings are gorgeous. I have the opportunity to step into beautifully planned days almost every weekend from May-October (This year I get to party all through December too!). But sometimes, my brides take their wedding amazingness to the next level. 

Ring Box
Your groom bought you a STUNNING engagement ring. Please show it off. You can bring the box it came in from the jewelry store, or purchase a lovely Mrs. Box to house your gem. The box really lets your ring shine, and adds elegance to your ring photos.

alyssa barletter photography wedding accessories

Every girl loves a good pair of shoes. On your wedding day, you get to be as fancy, trendy, or laid back as you want. I LOVED Alli's platform wedges from last summer. They were absolutely perfect for her modern summer wedding. And Abby's Badgley Mischka heels were to die for. Shoes are a great addition to the story of your day, plus they will make you feel like a million bucks.

alyssa barletter photography wedding details shoes
alyssa barletter photography details shoes

Cake Table
I seriously love wedding desserts. Cake, cupcakes, candy bar, macarons...seriously. But I feel like the cake table is always shoved in a dark corner and loses its' chance to shine. Publishers like KC Weddings and The Knot always want a good photo of the dessert. Let your cake table be an addition to your space, not an afterthought!

alyssa barletter photography wedding cake table
alyssa barletter photography wedding cake table

I say it every time, flowers are key. Flowers add so much color, dimension, and texture to your wedding photos. That does not necessarily mean that you have to spend half your budget on a florist. Just make sure you choose a good florist who will make your blooms look amazing.

alyssa barletter photography details flowers
alyssa barletter photography details flowers

Make your wedding your own. I love when my clients do some thing fun with their wedding to make it stand out as theirs. Danny bought his groomsmen their favorite team's baseball jersey as a gift. Randi and Jace went to her grandparent's home to get ready and take photos in front of the family heirloom car. Kendall and Mark decided to do their portraits on the KU Softball field, since that was where they met.
I love how their stories blend with the photos on their wedding day!

alyssa barletter photography groomsmen gifts baseball jersey wedding
alyssa barletter photography personalization
alyssa barletter photography personalization